Who are we?

We are Forexco. We operate two segments of the Financial industry; Licenced Distribution and Management Services. 

For over 15 years, we have been building our experience, network and skills in order to become experts in our domain.

We are determined to provide the best distribution and management services to reputable Financial Service providers who are either entering the Australian market and seeking new partners or are already established looking for growth.

We are professionals providing local, local, boots on the ground services every day, to capitilise on our unique knowledge and skills, to promote and market the financial products and services of respected providers, while maximising revenues and strengthening the existing relationships of our partners.


The Forexco team has had a presence in the Australian Retail Financial Services market for over 15 years, whilst realising some major achievements. We have helped to establish a successful retail broker firm, facilitated the expansion of an Australian FX broker to the European market, we restructured a Fintech platform and helped to develop an FX marketing platform. Our services ranged from advising FX entities on sales, partnerships, business opportunities and growth to compliance, risk management and licensing arrangements. As Forexco. Management Pty Ltd., our expertise developed further to providing a full set of management services.

In 2015, Forexco entered into a long-term agreement with IS Prime, part of the ISAM Capital Markets group; to provide distribution services, promote and strengthen the relationships and awareness of the offering of IS Prime as a full service-multi asset brokerage. 

IS Prime Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. (formally Forexco. Australia Pty Ltd.) was established in 2014 as a provider of Sales and Marketing services to other regulated licence holders. 


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We excel at building contacts and facilitating the development of new connections. Of the many partnerships we have, we proudly and successfully manage the business of IS Prime Limited in Australia, one of the leading providers of FX & Metals liquidity, Risk Management Services and proprietary technology services provider.


“IS Prime ranks #1 Prime of Prime for Total Australian Broker Relationships and Global Transaction Volumes” – Matthew Press, IS Prime Asia Pacific


Australia is one of the most important markets for Prime of Prime brokerage and under the management of Forexco. and its dedicated local team, IS Prime has grown rapidly to be the leading full service, multi-asset brokerage in Australia.  


Our partners are leaders in various areas of forex, such as brokerage, liquidity services, compliance or risk management. 

“Forexco. has developed a reputation for originating more revenue opportunities for brokers than any other partner” – Rick Williams, Forexco. Management  [Linkedin] 

Our services business, Forexco. Management Pty Ltd., allows us to diversify beyond the core business of Prime of Prime brokerage and work directly with our partners in the Australian market. 

We build marketing tools and provide strategic advice that facilitate revenue growth and customer acquisition.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to link suitable products, companies and services. 

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Our management team

Rick Williams  

Manager, Forexco. Management

Rick Williams was appointed to Forexco. Management in November 2017.

He has over 10 years experience working in senior executive roles in the CFD and Margin FX industry.

Mr Williams had previously served as Head of Sales for WhichWay Financial Services, a business founded by Mr Press, Director of Forexco. and held a number of senior positions within First Prudential Markets a leading CFD and Margin FX Provider.

From 2007 to 2015, he was involved in all aspects of the growth of FP Markets across both its operating divisions in Australia and the United Kingdom.

After serving as Head of Sales in Australia, Mr Williams was appointed General Manager of FP Markets operations in London, UK moving from Australia from 2011-15. He was heavily involved in FCA Licencing, negotiation and integration of trading technologies and development of Wholesale Partnerships for FP Markets and a number of other providers.

Upon returning to Australia in 2015, Mr Williams devoted time to other industries including co-managing his families successful real estate business and co-founding an innovative maritime technology business. He spearheaded the startups development and pre-sales in Sydney, before the business relocated to Singapore in 2017, which facilitated his return to Financial Services and leadership of Forexco. Management.

Mr Williams grew up and was educated in Sydney and he drives performance racing cars competitively.

Matthew Press 

Director, ISPrime Asia Pacific

Matthew Press is Director of IS Prime Asia Pacific and Director of Forexco. Management, two of the leading Licenced Distribution and Management Financial companies in Australia.

Mr. Press has overseen the activities of Forexco. as a group and has been responsible for its operations and growth since its establishment.

Mr Press has spent the past decade building, operating and investing in prominent Australian based Financial Services Providers.

Before establishing Forexco., Mr Press established another AFS Licence holder and developed the first of its kind online trading platform named WhichWay.com then later sold to become Royal Financial Trading.

Since 2014, Mr Press has developed and managed a network of client relationships for Forexco. Australia, later renamed IS Prime Asia Pacific after Mr Press entered in to a Licenced Distribution and Management arrangement with London based, FCA regulated IS Prime Limited to represent the respected Prime-of-Prime Multi Asset Brokerage in Australia.

Through its partnership with Forexco. IS Prime grew exponentially in the territory;  trebelling its number of relationships and increasing transactional volumes and revenue more than tenfold. Under Mr Press’ management, IS Prime became Australia’s leading Prime-of-Prime.

Mr Press grew up in London, England, Relocated to School in Sydney and holds a B.Comm from the University of Sydney.

Our story


Helped build a successful retail broker with a $100 million/month turnover


Supported an Australian forex broker with a successful European market expansion


Restructured a financial tech platform to provide custodial and institutional stockbroking services


Worked with private equity investors to develop a binary options and forex marketing platform


Advised on the sale of an ASIC-regulated entity to an Australian forex broker


Established Forexco


Obtained an AFSL to provide advice and arrange to deal in the wholesale space. Worked with one of the world’s largest finance brokers to develop and grow the Australian business.


Advised a global payment technology firm on deliverable foreign exchange opportunities